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Agency Opportunities

Our network is uniquely structured to provide your office with a competitive edge.

SBA began in 1972 as an entrepreneurial organization, and it remains one today. We have developed a large network of terminal operations that support one another for the good of the whole organization. The bureaucracy found in many companies has been eliminated so that motivated businessmen and businesswomen can be as successful as they want to be within the framework of the network. A majority of our executives have terminal-level logistics industry experience, which gives them an understanding of the issues that each terminal faces in day-to-day and long-term business.

SBA supports your terminal’s success.
  • We realize that a local office is always more successful when it receives additional guidance from our executive management team at the beginning and throughout our business relationship.
  • Our organization consists of credible, reliable and highly-skilled freight shipping professionals dedicated to supporting your office's growth and development.
  • We focus on delivering superior administrative, accounting, information technology, sales and marketing support to ensure that our agency network can compete successfully within each local marketplace.

If you are ready to make a change and want to learn more about the benefits of working within SBA, please contact us and start a conversation. We are waiting to hear from you. All conversations are held in the strictest confidence.

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