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Phoenix, AZ

4115 E. Valley Auto Drive
Suite 206
Mesa, AZ 85206

Email: Click to email
Phone: 602-276-7565
Toll Free: 866-245-0895
Fax: 602-276-7556

Service by Air (SBA) is a freight shipping company in business for over 35 years. Service By Air is proud to serve as your freight shipping partner in Phoenix, AZ. The professional staff and freight shipping experts at Service By Air’s freight forwarding office in Phoenix, AZ are fully trained to meet your transport logistics needs. As an international freight forwarder, we are able to deliver shipments to Phoenix, AZ or from Phoenix, AZ on time and provide custom transport and logistics solutions to solve all of your freight shipping problems. Service By Air in Phoenix, AZ is a trusted freight forwarder in the transport logistics industry and we are happy to work with you to meet your specific freight shipping needs regardless of your industry, and help you to solve your transport logistics problems.

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