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Our focus is to assist your office in achieving its business initiatives and goals to become the most successful transportation and logistics provider within your local market. Our Network is here to support you, and we offer the following to qualified individuals:

Sales & Marketing Support

  • Corporate Marketing Programs - SBA spends significant resources to support each office with marketing initiatives, including sales literature, promotional items, database management, national and regional trade show support, national advertising, direct mail/email programs, website management and customer appreciation events. Our goal is to deliver a consistent company brand image that will support the entire SBA Network and build on our global name recognition.
  • Customized Marketing Programs / Sales Support - We provide one-on-one sales support to each terminal in order to develop accounts and stimulate growth throughout the entire network. Our Growth & Development division assists with the creation of custom presentations, proposals and marketing literature to support agencies with local and national business opportunities.
  • Internal Recognition Programs - SBA provides internal corporate newsletters and hosts national network conferences and national awards programs.
  • Sales Reports - These reports are generated on a timely basis and include detailed accounting of commission splits, sales revenue and shipping volume.

International Business Support

  • Today, the transportation logistics business is international. Transportation and logistics providers are expected to provide access to the entire world with a variety of services to choose from. SBA offers our terminals international support, training and guidance so that you can provide the full-service transportation logistics support your customer base demands.

Management & Operational Support

  • Global Multi-modal Transportation Management - Our executive team has built an extensive Domestic and International carrier and vendor support network. The SBA Global Network collaborates with each terminal to achieve operational excellence. In turn, our network receives the best buy-rates available and our shipments are placed on the top priority load list with all major carriers.
  • Advanced & Flexible IT/Operational Systems - Our proprietary informational database system allows our worldwide customer base and SBA’s Global Network members to manage their logistics and freight shipping requirements. This exclusive system expedites shipping and streamlines daily internal communications throughout the system.
  • Centralized Corporate Accounting - Our accounting department verifies and accurately processes thousands of payable transactions per month. Some basic terminal accounting support functions include: invoicing, audits, accounts receivable and payables, reconciliations and settlements. We also offer legal and debit-collection support.
  • Companywide Training Programs - We provide full training on SBA’s philosophy, and management and operational systems. We also provide sales training material so that each office can properly develop its sales personnel and gain market share.
  • Corporate Compliance Department - A trained staff, with a dedicated Vice President, manages our TSA-approved security program and ongoing operational compliance and security issues.

Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

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