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Event / Entertainment

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SBA coordinates cross-country and international concert tours for a successful rock band in conjunction with the band’s tour manager.

Project Requirements / Specifications

  • Time-Critical Domestic & International Concert Tour Schedule
  • Secure Warehousing & Storage for 3,000+ Kilos of Touring Equipment
  • High-value Equipment with High Damage Risk
  • Tour Truckload Services
  • Expedited Air Shipments
  • Door-to-Door Nationwide Cartage Coverage
  • Lift-gate Trucks
  • Multiple Men
  • Import & Export Services
  • International Documentation, including International ATA Carnet Services
  • Scheduled Appointment Pick-ups and Deliveries
  • Packing-Unpacking, Crating


In May 2007, a longtime SBA account ventured out promoting their latest CD release, and has continued to tour relentlessly across the globe to sold-out crowds.

The band has since played at more than 260 shows crossing the Atlantic Ocean five times. In most instances the show dates are very close together and many miles apart requiring a high level of coordination and extremely fast turn around times for shipping. SBA works directly with the band’s tour manager to move 3,000 Kilos of production cases, lighting, amps, guitars, drums and merchandise.

SBA’s Solution

When it comes to coordinating a live concert event, SBA knows that on-time delivery is vital to the show’s success. For the band, it is critical that the tour equipment arrives on the show date just prior to sound check. This allows enough time for the freight to be inspected for damage and also allows the band enough time to set up and complete audio, visual and diagnostic checks.

SBA constantly coordinates and consults with the tour manager to ensure that the Tour goes smoothly. The load in and out times for these shows are particularly critical as large amounts of tour gear must be moved in short periods of time from city to city or country to country. As such, the SBA coordinating terminal meets all of the band’s carnet requirements so the freight is expedited to each destination. Whether SBA is providing import, export, storage or domestic shipping services, the band’s 3000 Kilos of gear gets to destination on time.

The Results

  • SBA coordinated a section of the tour that covered Argentina, Ireland and Mexico in the span of 4 weeks.
  • SBA has dramatically reduced the band’s production/operating costs with ground shipments and logistical schedule planning in advance of each tour date.
  • Recently an exclusive DVD was released that detailed footage of the making of the latest album and rehearsal and SBA made the final DVD cut!


"The band and its management trust our people at Service By Air completely to ensure our gear arrives on time and in one piece".
– Band’s Lead Vocalist & Guitarist

"SBA has never let us down and saved us thousands of dollars in production costs when compared to other carriers".
– Band’s Manager

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