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Case Studies

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Military / Government / Defense

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SBA works in conjunction with a large government press department in order to support military communications and defense transportation directives.

Project Requirements / Specifications

  • Strict High-level Authorized Clearance & Security Protocols
  • Total Logistic Services / Domestic and International
  • Air Charter Services & Exclusive Use Vehicles
  • Time-Critical Shipments
  • 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week Availability, including Holidays
  • VIP / Next Flight Out Services
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Door-to-Door Delivery


SBA’s client plays a vital role in fulfilling all of the communication needs of a government press and communications agency, from connecting non-secure phone calls, to securing top secret telecommunications, to facilitating highly visible speech conferences or to recording radio broadcasts.

In addition to providing audiovisual, voice, data communication and photography services, SBA’s client must also ensure that key government officials are able to conduct business accordingly at all times from any location in world. To meet this challenge, this agency is committed to using the best people and providers, as the margin for error is increasingly thin in this security-laden, high-performance atmosphere.

For the past 15 years, SBA has had the honor of working with this prestigious agency in order to provide industry leading logistic services for some of the most important officials in the world. To this end, SBA ensures that communication equipment systems arrive on-time at their final destination, even during the most demanding press schedules.

SBA’s responsibility also extends beyond this agency’s requirements as we provide logistic services to other supporting network and cable broadcasting media. Moreover, SBA moves materials such as pre-briefing press documents and other essential paper communications that are important to the success of the agency’s missions.

SBA’s Solution

In order to comply with the rigid requirements of this government agency, SBA offers the following key services:
  • Strict High-level Authorized Clearance & Security Protocols – SBA is required to pass security clearances to ensure that all communications are kept confidential. In addition, all SBA facilities have procedures in place to prevent unauthorized access to cargo, equipment and documentation. In the client’s highly sensitive security environment, our protocols are critical.
  • Total Logistic Services / Domestic and International – The SBA team must coordinate with several agencies, departments, and affiliated companies to meet the agency’s strict deadlines and requirements and assist the client with their warehousing and packing needs.
  • Air Charter Services & Exclusive Use Vehicles – SBA generally contracts with U.S. military departments to supply the transportation. However, depending on the state of civil unrest and the demand on the U.S. fleet, SBA may contract civilian transportation. When this occurs, air charters and exclusive use vehicles are contracted to provide added security and mobility for our client’s precious cargo.
  • Time-Critical Shipments – At a moment’s notice, SBA has to be ready to move our client’s communications equipment. These are “must move shipments” that need to meet all time restraints as dictated by the military and other governing bodies.
  • On-Time Delivery – The equipment must arrive on-time so the appropriate people are in place to inspect and receive the freight. In addition, the equipment must be available prior to any press conference, so the communication entourage can set up and complete audio and visual checks.
  • Door-to-Door Delivery – Whether delivering equipment on-time and undamaged or delivering equipment to difficult to reach or remote locations, such as military war zones, SBA is relied on to get the job done safely and securely.

The Results

  • SBA has an impressive 100% on-time track record for this client over a 15 year time span.
  • Because of SBA’s longtime history of on-time performance, SBA exclusively handles all of this agency’s trips, both domestic and international.

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