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Printing / Publishing

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SBA provides flexible, time-sensitive national logistic service to a leading global publisher of English-language books.

Project Requirements / Specifications

  • Time-Critical, Expedited Air Shipments
  • VIP / Next Flight Out Services
  • Centralized (one-source) Customer Service Center
  • Multiple Distribution Center Management
  • Door-to-Door; Inside Deliveries
  • Scheduled Pickups and Deliveries
  • Lift Gate Trucks


Our client was founded in the early 1800s and has grown to become a $1 billion annual company. Today, our client publishes a variety of books and remains an industry leader and pioneer in digital content and warehousing. Our client ships the majority of product by ground transportation through a multitude of LTL common carriers. However, in order to meet spikes in consumer demand, they must rely on a freight forwarder that can ship additional books on-time, undamaged and in short notice, especially if their LTL ground shipments do not arrive as scheduled. Many times, there will be a bestselling author on a book/signature tour and the bookstore will request additional books to account for increased sales. Other times, a bookstore may request more copies to arrive for next-day delivery when a new release is expected to hit the literary market. This is where SBA adds value.

SBA’s Solution

In the past, our client’s carrier could not guarantee next-day delivery of urgent goods and provided a very limited, inflexible service. SBA tackled and solved this problem in a variety of ways:
  • SBA offered a later call-in time for same day pickups, allowing an additional 30-minute call-in time window than the past carrier. Our client now has more time to prepare their freight and consolidate shipments, which leads to fewer errors and allows for cost-saving consolidated shipments.
  • SBA offered a later pickup time for next day deliveries. In the past, their carrier could only guarantee next-day delivery if the item was picked up by 4 pm. SBA extended this pick-up time window and offered next day delivery at no additional charge if picked up by 5 pm.
  • SBA was able to cover more next-day remote areas than their past carrier, improving service levels.
  • SBA offered next-day service for after-hour pickups (past 6 pm), with next day service to most areas at a premium fee.
  • SBA provided a centralized and stable SBA customer service staff (something that was not possible with their past carrier as they constantly dealt with service operators who did not directly know their business needs).

The Results

  • SBA is now handling all of this client’s shipments weighing 100 lbs or more. We are also exclusively handling large volumes to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
  • SBA has the honor of providing books for a very popular TV Book Club.
  • After one year of working with SBA, our client has experienced i
  • mproved service and communication on urgent, next-day shipments, improving their relationship with customers.
  • Since SBA offered after-hour pickups with next day delivery, we’ve been able to deliver a day earlier than their past carrier on many shipments. Again, this gives our client improved exposure to their customer base.
  • SBA initially started picking up from two distribution centers, but based on our high level of performance, we are expected to handle more origins as they open.

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