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Case Studies

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White Glove / Special Project

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SBA successfully coordinated the rollout and remodeling of more than 25 banks for a leading showroom and display company.

Project Requirements / Specifications

  • High-value product with high damage risk
  • Oversize freight movement
  • Lift-gate trucks
  • Multiple men delivery
  • Unpacking; Skid breakdown
  • Debris removal
  • Door-to-Door; Inside deliveries
  • Scheduled pickups
  • Scheduled appointment deliveries with separate location installation crews
  • Complete rollout and staging of 3-5 banks over a weekend


For more than 20 years, our client has provided quality retail fixtures, point of purchase displays, elegant showroom display models, institutional casework and superior millwork to customers all over the country. This industry leader has built its reputation on delivering large rollout projects for high profile international clients. With many years of experience in woodworking, design, fabrication and installation, they have completed numerous remodeling and interior design projects for a varied list of organizations including schools, churches, banks and hospitals.

SBA has been providing logistic solutions to this client for 7 years, primarily handling fixture swap out projects. In late fall of 2006, SBA approached the company president regarding handling an intricate new white glove project that involved the rollout and remodeling of several test-run banks. The project required intense collaboration and coordination between our client’s architectural team, the bank coordinators and SBA’s operational staff.

The payoff for successful performance on this remodeling project would lead to additional business with the bank’s 800 locations (potentially a 4 year project for our client and SBA).

Our client was on a deadline to install and swap out fixtures for 3 to 5 banks per weekend with10 new fixtures per bank and separate installation crews at each location.

SBA’s Solution

As a turn-key solution during the rollout, our client loaded SBA’s trucks with 30-50 bank fixtures (new countertops, stools, etc.) every Tuesday. By consolidating fixtures for up to 5 banks on a 53’ trailer/tractor and unloading them at a central SBA warehouse for distribution, SBA saved time and money for the client. The consolidation and reduced handling also lowered damage exposure for this important project. From the central distribution warehouse, the bank fixtures would then be staged on separate delivery trucks to meet the installer’s appointment time for each bank location.

After coordinating deliveries with each bank location’s installation crew, SBA delivered the freight on Friday after 5 PM when the banks were closed. On site, SBA would unload the freight, break down the skids and haul out the debris (old fixtures). SBA would return for a sequential delivery on Saturday at 1 PM after the bank closed at noon.

SBA offered this flexible solution because we knew that the client’s architectural design team had to finish remodeling during the bank’s weekend after-hours. This allowed SBA and the client’s install team to remove the old fixtures and install the new fixtures so the bank would be ready by the bank’s opening Monday morning without interrupting business.

The Results

  • SBA and the client have successfully completed the rollout of the bank’s San Francisco and northern California remodeling projects, resulting in a continuation of the long-term project. Next up are Las Vegas, NV and Phoenix, AZ.
  • SBA’s success on this project generated referral business from one of our client’s manufacturing contacts. Freight is being shipped out almost daily for this new contact.


"I would like to thank everyone at SBA for all their help in shipping the bank displays for this project. SBA did a great job in getting the deliveries made on time and damage free. All delivery appointments were made and carried out with precision. Every facet of the operation went just like clockwork. I know in the future we will call on SBA to handle all of our air service needs because of the success we had on this project."
-Client Logistics Manager

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