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Technology Support

SBA has always been in the forefront of computerized operational systems so our logistics technology system is available when and where you need it the most. You are able to manage the entire transportation logistics process from start to finish on our logistics technology system. Access your account online and receive continuous updates on all your shipments, as well as receive proof of delivery.

Our IT department is experienced and able to set up EDI and data file transfers (including XML, .CSV, .HTML, .XLS, .PDF and .TXT).

Enjoy the features of SBA’s online freight shipping system:

  • Request a Quote
  • Schedule a Shipment
  • Track a Shipment
  • Request a POD
  • Receive a Scanned Hard Copy - Signature POD
  • Print or Fill Out Forms Online
  • Transfer EDI Files - Management Reports & Invoices
  • View and Manage Reports


Solve your logistics technology problems today. Contact Service By Air and we will be pleased to provide integrated logistic technology that best meets your specific management needs.

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