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Printing / Publishing

The world of print is everywhere, from consumer goods packaging to Broadway posters. From the time an author or designer begins his/her concept to the time it evolves into an actual book or layout, publishers and manufacturers are hard at work promoting and marketing their material. From prepress and edit to final print, the time invested in each step is huge.

In today’s fast paced dynamic marketplace, industry leaders are faced with very rigid production deadlines. In order to succeed in this highly detail-oriented and time-sensitive atmosphere, you have to be able to count on reliable logistic-services providers that know how to handle each of your print jobs.

While you focus on developing and marketing your core product, SBA focuses on freight shipping your product to the market on time and undamaged. Our high quality standards and our commitment to service, communication and time constraints ensure that your freight shipping needs and production schedules are satisfied year-round, anywhere in the world.

So whether you’re concerned about navigating the complexities of international trade, launching new books or consumer-goods products, SBA, as a trusted logistics provider, is available to coordinate your most complex and challenging moves in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

SBA offers these value-added Printing / Publishing logistic services:
  • VIP/Next Flight Out Services; Door-to-Door
  • Crating Service / Packing-Unpacking / Material Removal
  • Secure Warehousing and Storage; Insurance Policy
  • Pickups and deliveries at any shift
Printing/Publishing Logistics Areas Served:
  • Books Logistics
  • Periodicals Logistics
  • Magazines Logistics
  • Catalogs Logistics
  • Office Copy Logistics
  • Commercial Printing Companies Logistics
  • Labels Logistics
  • Decals Logistics
  • Stickers Logistics
  • Consumer Goods Packaging Logistics
We Provide Transportation Logistics and Freight Services for:
  • Manufacturers
  • Publishers
  • Retailers / Bookstores
  • Colleges / Universities
  • Distribution
  • Fulfillment

Solve your logistics problems today. Contact SBA and we will be pleased to provide integrated logistics services that best meet your specific freight shipping needs in the printing and publishing industries.

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