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Testimonial 1:

Joseph Poliseno, President of Service By Air®, began talking to me about his vision of building a domestic network of agencies, and over a period of time we had many conversations about the possibilities. At first, I wasn’t sure the idea would work successfully, but I took a chance, and over the years my initial doubts have been proven wrong.

I have seen this agency grow steadily along with the entire SBA company. While much of my success has been my own hard work at the local level, the assistance and support of the SBA Network has made the road much easier.

SBA continuously reinvests in itself to improve on its operations and business practices. One good example is the investment in technology. SBA has always been a leader in managing its informational database systems, which keeps the entire network on top of freight movements within the system. The more information, the more satisfied the customer.

I also get management support from the SBA corporate offices. I rely on the executive team to support me in making better business decisions. They assist in negotiating improved rates with carriers, provide accounting support, and help develop business with sales and marketing support.

All of this support allows me to concentrate on growing business locally and satisfying the customer.

I would encourage anyone in the transportation industry to look into SBA and ask them what they can do for you. I did and it paid off.

Testimonial 2:

I worked for 10 years in various positions within a corporate environment, growing a territory. I was successful and well rewarded, but in that environment I never felt that I had the opportunity to make a significant impact in our market. The corporate structure and red tape just didn’t afford us the flexibility to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients, and I felt my earning potential was always capped.

I received offers in the past from other companies to leave, but it never felt right. With SBA, I found the right mix of entrepreneurial spirit and network advantages that would allow us to be competitive in our market. One of the big factors initiating my team’s move was SBA's transition plan. SBA offered to help us get started as a company-owned office, so we weren’t initially saddled with the additional responsibility of raising capital. We could concentrate on leveraging our sales relationships and building our business. Going out on your own is always a risk, but SBA removed the financial, operational and support obstacles that make opening your own business a frightening prospect.

We couldn’t be happier with the switch, and we feel like we have made the right decision for our clients and ourselves. The SBA team has provided excellent sales and operational support to get us going. But after the move, the greatest endorsement has come from the clients; they have told us on numerous occasions that we now provide a far superior service than what they had received in the past. We now believe that our future growth and productivity will be a byproduct of this higher level of system-wide service.

For energetic people that feel limited by their current situation, whether it is a corporate structure or agency network, SBA offers a wonderful opportunity to grow and the freedom to earn and put more money in your pocket. I’d recommend making the switch to SBA.

Testimonial 3:

We were operating a terminal for a company that was acquired, and we weren’t comfortable with the upcoming transition. We had a book of business that we thought we could transition, and we decided that we wanted to start something on our own. We didn’t want to work for someone else anymore and be limited to what they thought we were worth. So at that point, we began reaching out to companies we were interested in and we began inquiring about opportunities for opening up a new office. We included SBA because they were recommended by a vendor in our marketplace that thought very highly of the company. There were three other companies in our search.

We were initially impressed with SBA because of the personal relationships we forged with the executive staff. Three executives flew to our marketplace to discuss the possibilities, which gave us exceptional insight into SBA's potential and the company structure. No other company showed the openness and honesty that we had with SBA in this process. We could call with questions day and night and would always receive an answer. More important, all of the answers were true: there were no standard sales pitches that turned out to be false when we started operations.

We began our contract with SBA with an incremental commission program, which gave us more money to start up and invest in our operation. Rather than feeling financially pinched, we were able to hire the right people, service the customers and start strong. SBA also sent experienced corporate trainers to our office to work with us for the first month of operations.

This flexibility and support, combined with excellent technology services and local sales leads, made our transition very easy and very successful. So easy and successful, in fact, that after only a year and a half, we have already opened up a second office in another city.

Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

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